Laptop, Desktop or Tablet PC? Which Is The Best?

Hello Man, Have you ever thought about buying a computer but confused about which one to choose? Before we get into the next stage now let’s think about it first, what is the purpose of buying a computer for? Is it for school, college, indoor work, field work, gaming or maybe include some of the ones I mentioned earlier? Well, from the question above, it will make it easier for us to choose the right computer.

Okay, let’s just start if that’s the case, here I assume you have the same budget for the three options below, and we just start with the choices:

  • Desktop Computers

By choosing a desktop computer you prioritize performance and the ability to upgrade hardware but sacrifice mobility. Desktop computers are suitable for those of you who use a stationary computer, it should be in one place and do not move. On the same budget, desktop PCs offer better performance when compared to laptops or tablets, then in addition, desktop computer offering good upgradeability with versatility hardware according to your needs, this day you can build a PC according to your own needs / desires. Desktop PC performance is the sweet spot if you need the best computing power that can be relied on even for heavy work loads.

  • Laptop

By choosing a laptop you prioritize mobility with few upgrade options. Laptops are suitable for those of you who use computers not only at home but can be carried anywhere, though they are usually equipped with batteries that last not too long but are suitable for mobile computing that is not too long (an average of 2 to 3 hours on load). Even though with a battery not too big you can overcome it by charging in a certain place if it supports it and because of this feature usually the laptop will be heavier to carry than a tablet or convertible laptop. Although not as fast as a desktop PC with the same budget, laptops still have decent performance for a work load not too heavy.

  • Tablet / Convertible Laptop

Choosing a Tablet / Convertible laptop means that you prioritize mobility without upgrade support. Tablets are suitable for those of you who travel a lot or do computing activities without / few places need to charge, usually tablets are equipped with a powerful battery (usually lasting 5 – 8 hours) so you don’t have to worry if your computing activities are interrupted. Although with great battery support this also has an impact on performance because tablets are more power efficient than laptops, with the same budget tablets are enough to run light to medium wokload. In addition, another advantage of tablets is that they are lightweight and do not require a large space compared to laptops.

With the list above, we can conclude that each device above has its own disadvantages and advantages and is intended according to the needs of the customer’s own characteristics. Whether it’s for gamers, work or entertainment, everyone has different computing needs.

Have you determined which one is suitable for you?

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