What Is an SoC? How is it different From a CPU or GPU?

Hello readers, you may used to see at the specifications of the cellphone, there must be an SoC (System on Chip). A smartphone buyer who prefers the performance of a smartphone must be the first time to see what SoC to use after that, how much it costs… Haha. That’s right, SoC is a benchmark for the performance of a new smartphone after that it is followed by others such as OS customization, screen resolution, built-in software. etc.

So what exactly is an SoC, what is the difference between the cpu in our laptops and PCs? So, if you say that SoC is the CPU of a smartphone, it’s true because SoC also includes the CPU of a smartphone, but SoC is more than that. SoC also includes GPU (for graphics process), ISP (preprocessing camera quality), Modem (connectivity process).. etc. SoC it is also often called a chipset because it regulates the CPU, GPU, DSP, ISP, Modem.. etc simultaneously.

Therefore, according to me, the selection of the SoC is quite important because it includes many factors. For example, if you are a multitasking user, choose an SoC with a strong multicore CPU, if a user for gaming chooses a strong GPU, if you are a video or photography user, you can choose the latest ISP (Image Signal Processor) that can meet your criteria (example: record 4K 60fps video, or 48MP super high resolution image photos for example).

Now there are already many SoC manufacturers that you can choose from, and the most famous Snapdragon, Mediatek & Exynos. Here the manufacture that maybe you doesn’t know, there are Allwinner, Rockchip, Intel, Marvell.. etc. All of these SoC brands have many SoC products ranging from entry level to high end and various platforms as well, there are tablets, lightweight laptops, convertibles, TV boxes. etc.

The point is that SoC is a vital part of a smartphone (and others), whether you use it only for social media or games, it will feel very impactful. Even so, according to me with the current technological developments, SoC will continue to develop and maybe later there will also be new features like in RTX (nvidia ray tracing) or tensor cores (Processors for AI computing) maybe… wkwk

That’s it, it’s been a long time since this writer went to digress where.. wkwk May it be useful tho!

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