Best Video Editor Apps For Android

Currently, with the development of video editing technology, it can also be done on the Android OS. Although when compared to Video editors on PC, video editors on Android have limitations on several features, but video editors on Android now little by little adding more editing features just like on PC. And of the many applications on Android, here are some of the applications that I think are the best for now:

  • Kinemaster

Yep, I put kinemaster in the first list of this list. Kinemaster has very complete features compared to other editors which, among others, can make multi-layer video editing more than other applications. Furthermore, for my opinion features such as greenscreen PiP (Picture in Picture), transitions, audio filter, greenscreen.. etc which I think the features are more mature than others. And finally the community of kinemaster in my opinion is the biggest, you can easily find tutorials or ask questions through kinemaster editing forums.

  • Powerdirector

Moving on to second I think PowerDirector deserves to be crowned number two. As a consideration I chose this application is the import and rendering support up to 4K 60fps. In addition, although the features are not as complete as kinemaster, PowerDirector offers core features with some restrictions such as limiting the number of layers and simpler layer customization. Even so, the powerdirector has an interface that I think is easier to master and its features are relatively close to being able to match the kinemaster.

  • Viva Video

Thirdly there is Viva Video with resource features that vary greatly from video filters, audio and many other templates making viva video worthy of being ranked third in my version. With the same core features as the video editor above Viva Video prioritizes a user friendly interface and its many feature resources are with beautification making it on a video editor that is suitable for the majority of girls (which guys also exist). One of the viva video features that are not in other video editors is beautify, which can make your face better looking by importing your video and adding the beautify effect in this application.

  • Filmora Go

With the advert go in it filmora go is indeed devoted to video editors that are simple & problem solving. Filmora go in my opinion is simpler than the video editor above and only offers important feature features with minimal customization even so filmora go is specifically for fast video editing. Even so, filmora Go you can rely on for your daily light editing.

So guys, which of these android video editor applications do you think is the best or do you have other choices besides on this list? Well this list is an experience from what I’ve known all along and maybe it could be wrong CMIIW. So the point is to choose any application that you like and are comfortable to use because what I recommend is not necessarily suitable for you. Happy editing guys 😀

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